Model highlights
  • 2.0T Eco-boost Engine
    2.0T Eco-Boost® GTDi engine, kinetic surging energy, has minimum power of
    149kW and maximum torque up to 300N•m. Its unique Eco-Boost technology
    is highly efficient and helps to reduce the fuel consumption up to 20%.

    Emission standards (State-V) and fuel consumption
    The fuel consumption is only 9.5 L per 100 KM. It is efficient, energy-saving
    and has great power. It is also among the first ones to achieve the State-V
    emission standard, which stands for low carbon emission, environment
    protection and contributes to build a green world.

  • Easy Travelling, Maximum Dignity
    We spare no efforts to fix attention to safety to ensure you a safe and easy trip.

    Boron steel body
    The boron steel material is 4-5 times stronger than normal steel, which
    effectively reduces the deformation of the body and ensures the safety of
    passengers, if crashing happens.

  • HSA Hill Start Assist
    Hill Start Assist temporarily stops you from rolling backwards or forwards when
    starting on hills. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking
    system for an extra 2-3 seconds, giving you more time to control as you
    move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. It’s also useful when you’re
    stopping and starting on slippery surfaces.

    Rear-view camera
    The rear-view camera shows what’s behind you on a screen built into the
    centre console. As well as revealing objects you might miss, the system
    displays virtual lines to help you park into the smallest of spaces. The
    camera activates automatically when you select reverse gear.

  • EPS:Equipped with EPS

    Bosch 9.1 ABS +ESP
    On slippery road, when the vehicle faces oversteer or understeer, ESP system
    can automatically redistributed each tire braking force and driving
    force. It prevents the wheels from skidding, which will make the vehicle
    out of control, and make it ultimately secured like luxury sedans.

    Front/Rear Parking Radar (4+4)
    The front radar detects objects below the bumper, which is difficult to see. It
    also helps drivers to eliminate blind spots and blurred vision defects. The rear
    radar detects objects behind and warns by buzzers. It improves the security of
    driving and reversing.

  • CAN-BUS vehicle-mounted intelligent network system
    Equipped with CAN-BUS intelligent network system, which quickly and
    accurately backfeeds various information to the central module and client. It
    helps to achieve real-time response and monitoring.

    NAVI 7-inch screen entertainment system
    Equipped with 7-inch screen and entertainment system with DVD and
    navigation system. The optimized layout of high fidelity surrounding sound
    system makes you feel like in the cinema. No matter you are navigating,
    listeningmusic or answering incoming calls, it becomes more convenient and
    brings you pleasant using experience.

  • Electrically adjustable, Heated Exterior mirrors
    Side mirrors are heated by heating wires on the back to quickly remove water
    and mist and make the rear view clear. It’s a great plus to improve safety in
    rainy days. With only one click, the side rearview mirrors can be folded to
    adapt to narrow parking space and avoid scratches.

    Cruise control system
    When setting up a certain speed, the vehicle can automatically maintain the
    fixed speed without stepping on the accelerator pedal. It reduces the fatigue of
    the driver greatly and helps to provide lower fuel consumption.

  • Outstanding quality
    Comfortable riding space with detailed craftsmanship technology will bring you
    a trip with incomparable dignity.

    Elegant beltline and aerodynamic tail design
    Elegant beltline combined with fully upgraded aerodynamic makes the body
    looks wider and classier. It also makes the vehicle look layered and delicate,
    and illustrates its solid and stable performance.

  • Flexible spacious interior (2nd and 3rd row)
    The wide body (length 4972mm width 2032/2272mm height 1987mm
    wheelbase 2933mm) combined with the large-7-seat design concept makes
    the ride more comfortable and relaxed. The flexible seat layout brings variable
    capacious ride enjoyment; The 1360L trunk capacity combined with the flexibly
    changeable rear seats capitulate the loading capacity and fully meet diverse
    demands of using.

    Double open anti-pinch power sunroof
    Open and broad sunroof not only brings better vision effect to the passengers
    but also provides good lighting and ventilation to ensure the ride comfort.

  • RAS rear air suspension system
    When passing through bumpy roads, the air suspension effectively absorbs
    the vibration of the road and automatically adjusts the vehicle to the best
    driving posture to keep the body stable and the ride comfortable. When sitting
    inside, the only thing you need to do is to enjoy the journey.

    Ford family front design
    Inheriting the dynamic front design of Ford family, the bright headlights and
    fog lamps are naturally connected by the trapezoidal chrome strip. The lines
    are fluent and detail-oriented, which highlight your extraordinary attitude.

360° Rotation